Everyone needs a creative jumping off point (and I don’t mean the roof) and Paige gives you just that! Our yearly booty bowl brings in tons of listener reaction and revenue. Not to mention it was a trending topic on twitter! I put that on my Gucci bag!

Mary K

Program Director at WBJH/Birmingham

I have an antique dining room table that I purchased from a flea market a few years ago. It’s a beautiful thing, Victorian era I believe, but it had a terrible wobble to it. I printed out a copy of The Encyclopedia of Radio Promotions and jammed it under the leg… dinner guests in my home have never been happier.

Jay Kruz
Program Director at Rewind 94.9 in Cincinnati

I enjoy using Paige as a blunt object lesson for our local promotion directors. For example, I will forward a particularly amusing or engaging promotional concept to one of our promo director’s with an attached note such as “Why can’t you be this smart”? The echoing silence I often receive in return is validation of my superior leadership and motivational skills. Thank you, Paige!

Mark Adams
VP of Programming at CBS Houston

Paige always continues to amaze me as to where his brain goes for homerun promotional ideas. When you zig, he zags…..and his zags are way cooler than your zigs.

Morning Show Co-Host at Hot 89.9/Ottawa and Regis Philbin Phil-in

Over the years, Paige has provided inspiration that led to potential arson charges, a visit from the FBI, PETA protests, countless disappointed phone calls from my mother... and most importantly... amazing ratings. Make sure you have a good attorney and read this book immediately.

Tommy Chuck
Program Director at WFLZ in Tampa

Every program director needs ideas and thought-starters. Paige’s book is a wealth of promotion possibilities, most of them customizable for your own station. Ideas that will make you say, "Hmmmmmm". Get it, and inspire your key promotion, programming and sales people.

Bill Tanner
President, Bill Tanner Consulting

I don't know how Paige does it. If I need an idea, Paige has three. One is illegal, one is immoral, and one is just perfect.

Dave Ryan
Morning Idiot at KDWB in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Don't put a lame promotion on your stations ever again! Read "The Encyclopedia of Radio Promotions," and learn how to turn the boring client requests for your listeners to call in and sing the company's jingle, into contests that your audience will actually be excited about participating in! I'm sure there's a lot of other good stuff in there, too...but Paige got me hooked on this 'meet an inmate' website, and it's time to write my weekly letter. Shayla will be out in just 8 short years!

Justin Riley
Program Director for KOB-FM in Albuquerque

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